Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Rivers Con

Earlier this month there was a local, one-day gaming convention called Three Rivers Con. It seemed like a pretty cool event, and in an effort to get outside my box, I went. I was surprised, I didn't know what to expect really, but all in all it was a good day. I met some good folks, played some good games...what more could you ask for?

First off, I wasn't just a con-gamer, I was a con-game runner! That's right, the practice session of Gutshot last time was just a warm-up for this. Needless to say, I think it was a success, I've got another post dedicated just for this game, so I'll be moving on.

There's an area club that I didn't know we had that centers around boardgames. Lots and lots of boardgames. They were the core of the con it seemed, and the table you see here had a nice flyer saying if you were interested in learning a game, just ask.

I was interested, especially in the new Dungeons and Dragons games. Around the corner is the new Legend of Drizzt version, and being a fan of the fiction I figured I'd pick it up. Of course a test drive was in order so I was able to snag a game of the Wrath of Ashardalon. How was it? Good stuff, it was definitely fun enough to start saving my shekles for October.

There was also a Zombpocalypse presentation, which was entertaining. Now I realize the Zombpocalypse is just around the corner and definitely no joke, but this tongue-in-cheek "how to" was still pretty fun.

The presentation also included a "survival grab bag" demonstration

I haven't played Battletech since the late eighties, but there's was a lot of it going down here. In fact, it seemed that was all that was being played for a good eight hours straight.

There was a paint-and-take demonstration as well (which I'm told is so hot right now). This proved to be a very popular spot and it stayed full most of the time. I was blown away by the sheer amount of quality paints, brushes, and the rest available to use. Also, for those new at it, there was plenty of help and assistance from some very knowledgeable "staffers".

Hetero-gaming lifemate Andy and I had the first ever "45 Minute Iron-Painter" paint off. The minis take 'em table had an absolute hoard of great figs, not leftover junk, but good stuff. There was a matched pair of survivor figs that formed the basis of the challenge, of course it was a good natured challenge and when awesome survivor figs like this free on the line, everyone comes out a winner. So which one do you prefer? The right or the left one?

There was a table full of silent auction goods, most of it roleplaying books and a good deal of boardgames. Being a huge boardgaming crowd I was surprised to see a complete Battle for Macragge box there. I was even more surprised to see no bids on it. I'm happy to say I picked this one up for a mere ten bucks, all I really wanted was the crashed spaceship to use as terrain, the ten marines, twenty-odd 'nids, and what-not was all a bonus.

This is Trio de Rio, I just made that up. I've also just declared him the official mascot of Three Rivers Con. There was a talented, young crochet chica there making these little critters. In a few hours she was able to crank this little feller out. I gave her my info and offer for a potential commission for a Cthulhu crocheted critters. Holidays are right around the corner and those would make for some awesome, mythos-themed gifts.

Three Rivers Con? Good stuff. Fun? Yup. Repeat? Probably!


  1. Darn, I wish I would have seen that Battle for Macragge set there. I'd have bid on that too. Nice pics!

  2. 10 Bucks for that is a good deal if you do not already have it. I think GW wants like 20-30 just for the crashed ship now.

    I have both the ravenloft and ashardalon games and they seem like reasonable games. I have yet to play them out of solo mode since I just do not get out much. I will be interested in the Drizzt game since you would guess that much stronger abilities will be available as he is an epic hero compared to the low level characters in the first 2.

  3. @Mike: The bid started at a dollar, so there was some competition for it. Did we meet? I would've introduced myself, looks like we'll be playing some Flames of War in the near future.

    @Eriochrome: I'm happy with the ship for sure. You've got the first two? I didn't even consider the solo aspect, very cool. I didn't think about Drizzt being epic either, I guess it's too much to ask for the adventure from the perspective of low level Orc adventurers and Drizzt being the bad guy?

  4. Great write-up and pictures! I was the person running the painting table, and my husband and friends were supplying the board games, and we're all very pleased that you had a great time!

  5. I am wrong. Apparently you are starting off at the beginning of his career.

    Each player selects a Hero, one of the Companions of the Hall.Choose from the drow ranger Drizzt Do’Urden, the dwarf
    fighter Bruenor Battlehammer, the human archer Catti-brie,
    the halfling rogue Regis, or the human barbarian Wulfgar.

    Interesting no Cleric or Mage this time. Barbarian is a new class for the games though. You can use the characters in the different games also probably. Drizzt attacks Ravenloft.

    rulebook can be found here:

    One of the comments about Wrath I saw was that it lacked a good thematic flow. To many random monsters which have no reasons to be in the same area.

    To bad I cannot bulk out these games with my chainmail collection. I must have like 100 minis from that game.

  6. Wait, you'r from the Knoxville area? The blog-o-sphere becomes ever smaller.

  7. @Wrenthebard: I was very impressed by the payout of the painting demo area. That was a nice hoard of games too! Glad you stopped by here, I'm open to any painting suggestions on anything you find here too!

    @Señor Creel: Ha, small world indeed. My wife and I used to live on a hundred acres in Straw Plains too!

  8. You neglected to paint the ejector port on your shotgun. That's a 5 second penalty, turning an otherwise tie into my victory!

  9. That's clearly a Browning BPS *bottom-ejecting* shotgun. That's a ten second penalty for not knowing your guns...victory is mine!