Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Space Marine Review

A couple of days ago I reviewed the new Space Marine videogame over at Santa Cruz Warhammer. You can check out the full review here. Instead of just having a repeat post here, I'll just touch on some pros and cons here and if you're still interested head over to the Santa Cruz site for the whole enchilada.

  • easy button layout and simple controls
  • tons of customization options
  • quick and dirty multiplayer
  • excellent job of capturing the 40K universe
  • a little repetitive after a while
  • somewhat unengaged storyline
  • lack of maps in multiplayer


  1. GW video games have been wobbly over the years. I enjoyed the first Dawn of War PC game, especially the one with the expansions for Necrons and tau, it had a great storyless campaign system with a map and everything. I liked it so much I bootcamped my mac so I could play it on a windows partition. I wonder if they ever did a mac port?... Hmm...

  2. I really wanted to give the DoW games a shot, I may have to bootcamp my own Mac, which honestly I didn't think of before now!

  3. The DOW series is a great game. There is a mod out there for the Game tat get it closer to codex and the FOC. The mods called Firestorm over Kronus for Dark Cruade and Firestorm over Karava for Soulstorm.

  4. It's LOUD. No one mentions how frakkin' LOUD it is.

  5. Heh, that's true but I'm always playing it at night after the fam's gone to bed, so it's at barely audible volume levels for me. It might be time for some wireless tv headphones.

    It's also pretty darn gory, I don't see that one mentioned a whole lot either.