Thursday, September 15, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Terra Explorer

When I set out to make the Terra-X Rover I wanted something non-combative, basically a science and survey vehicle and with variable modes of locomotion. When I lifted my head off the table after an all-nighter of bricking it up, wiped the drool off my mouth, and plucked the random 2x2 off my forehead I saw this creation in front of me.

It rolls! For speed on those smooth surfaces

It walks! For those uneven and rocky surfaces

It flies, err, hovers! For traversing bodies of liquid

It takes a crew of two to fully man the Terra-X

Closeup of the rear workstation and sensor array

Adjustable controls allow the pilot to sit or stand

View from the ground

Modular science suite and array systems

The wheels may look small, but there's six of them!


  1. I want to throw some boards in the back of that thing and explore strange planets in the quest for extra-solar surf.

  2. I like that you just described doing an "all nighter, bricking it up" as if it's a common occurrence. I am jealous.

  3. @Christian: Man, I wish our two coasts were closer! If you ever find yourself in the Appalachian Highlands, give me a call!

    @Spacejacker: Wait 'til next week!

  4. Man I miss all my old Space Legos I had as a kid.