Saturday, October 29, 2011

Emptying the Game Room

Well the ball is finally rolling on getting the downstairs fixed after storm damage and flooding almost six months ago. I am lucky to have all of this square footage to claim for gaming, however its very nature means it often comes very low on the totem pole when it comes to household priorities. Case in point, we've lived in this house for a decade and this room has never had a coat of paint.

Thanks to Mother Nature's wrath however that is going to change. So we opted for a bit of a carpet upgrade, which will cover not just the game room but the rest of the downstairs. We figured while the old carpet was on the way out we might as well paint. No need for groundcloths or worrying about drips.

The shelves above are a bit of a debate however. They're homemade and I don't know if the "homemade" look is going to cut it anymore. Mind you, they serve their purpose, and frankly I don't know what I would use in their place but I'm still exploring options.

Of course all of that game room inventory (err, junk) has to be kept somewhere else. In this case it's my half of the garage! This will give me a great chance to filter everything before it goes back in however. So I haven't taken stuff off the walls or starting spackling or whatever, but like I said the ball is rolling.


  1. Looks like a great start. From that picture I couldn't tell the shelves were "homemade" which is a good thing I guess!

    Nothing wrong with DIY shelves!

  2. looks like a great space to game, looking forward to seeing the final product!

  3. I had to move most of my gaming stuff and a lot of other stuff into the garage this year for my basement project. My half also but since I live up here in michigan and hate scrapping my car might give me a little extra motivation.

  4. There's a lot of potential in that room.

  5. Repaint the shelves they will fit in fine

  6. @Brummie: Too late! Those things came down just today. Actually, they came down a little *too* easily. So easy it kind of makes me think I've been avoiding a catastrophe all these years.

    @Eriochrome: Basement projects are the best! I hate doing it, but I think the makeover will be worth the hassle.

    @CClay: I had a post a few years ago showing their creation:

    @BBill and DBrian: It has served us very well over the years, I'm also looking forward to seeing the final product.

  7. I am going through the same process but for different reasons. I have a horde o' children (five kids age 7 and under) and we had a massive play room setup out in the garage. It was great fun for them and as bad as it sounds ... putting ones kids in the garage ... it was rather deluxe. The only problem is that we heat the thing in the winter with a wood pellet stove and that actually gets rather spendy over the course of the winter here in Utah (and no I'm not a Mormon with 2 wives ... the five kids thing ... I have to say it). So this year my game room and den are being relocated to the garage. A good thing for me in terms of space ... a bad thing in terms of needing to turn the wood stove on two hours before I go out there, etc. etc. and I've also had to turn my little storage room into my catch all paint/modeling/storage space which is going to be tricky. Ah the pains of moving yea old game room :( In the end though I'll end up with more space which will be good.