Thursday, October 6, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Octan-6, Intersystem Fueler

It is a bit of joy that I get to post this MOC here again at Mik's Minis. Way back when, actually at the very beginning of this blog, this was the first post I ever did. Now, three years and eight hundred some odd posts later it has returned.

I spy...a non-Photoshopped lens flare!

Sticking with micro-scale, I wanted this thing to be massive. Not 'star destroyer' big, but big enough that if you saw it on your viewscreen you'd be like, "Whoa..."

The Octan-6 is a one-stop shop. It cruises around the system looking for space debris, asteroids, and the like, hauls them in, and reduces/refines the raw materials into fuel and other related goods. It's a space borne refinery, production plant, oil well, and more all rolled into one.

Corporate identity is important, even in space

Here the Octan-6 refuels a corvette, the latter of which posts next week


  1. Nice! Looks like it was a fun build! I have something that looks similar from GZG Full Thrust to work on soon (a salvage ship). I think I'll go for a similar scheme to this - thanks!

  2. This was a fun build, and it really did kick off this blog which is kind of neat in and of itself. I might have some "spaceship battles" stuff in the not so distant future cooking up.