Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Viking Horde

I was prepping my Vikings for game night (de-mothballing is more like it) and I realized I never had a true muster pic of them finished and all together. So here they are! It's a motley lot indeed with a real mix of figs in there including a certain seven foot tall barbarian more at home in the Forgotten Realms than on a historical tabletop (he's easy to find). I've also got more than a couple GW figs (can you spot them?) in there as well as a very dated Ral Partha fig (good luck with that one). I'm quite pleased with how they all turned out but there is one problem, there's only thirty nine of them, I think a nice round and even number like forty would be better suited! I'll let the rest of the pics do the talking, enjoy!


  1. Are you interested in SAGA rules for these guys? The mechanics look really interesting but don't fit my gaming regemin.

  2. a great horde looks impressive indeed.

  3. @Spacejacker: Sure, I'm interested in any rules that may come along. So far we have used them for modified Pig Wars as well as highly modified Might of Arms (unreleased rules to be known as Clans and Companies).

    @John: Thanks! They saw some action just last night actually, I'll be getting that batrep up soon.