Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deleted Scenes and Bonus Material

So I'm adding a new feature, or rather a new way to share items here to Mik's Minis. With a whopping thousand posts on the horizon there's bound to be stuff that gets left behind, lots of stuff actually, and that's where this idea comes into play.

Think of it as Mik's Minis Mobile, I'm going to complement material here with material there. Basically I'm using a smart phone app called Instagram, which does what I want it to do and that is to post photographs in the same vein that Twitter posts messages.

I take a lot of photos with my phone, and a large number of them become posts here actually. But there's even more that never go anywhere, until now.

I like how bloggers like Tristan accompanies his GWPertinent with Twitter, as did the late Meatball over at My Dice Hate Me. So I'm going to do the same thing, but use photos instead of messages as the whole "a picture is worth a thousand words".

You can follow me directly on Instagram, if you have that app, but if not you can just as easily follow through Twitter. What happens on Twitter is that a link comes up when I post, which takes you directly to the photo in question. Just photos, no text unless it's a reply to someone else. It's pretty much always going to be gaming related, well, as much gaming related as this blog is anyway so if you like it here, you may like it there.

Twitter is, well, Twitter. You should know what to do there. Instagram is a smart phone app, once installed it's self-explanatory. My username for both is cygnus46, enjoy!

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