Thursday, November 10, 2011

LEGO Thursday: The Terrible Tower of Terror

I wanted to build a tower, so I did. I wanted it stocked with all kinds of bad guys, so there they are. I wanted to be an epic type of tower along the lines of a TARDIS where each level of the tower is like a mini-realm rules over by one key figure. The thing is I envisioned this not so much for a fantasy setting, but something more akin to the post-apocalypse, ala Thundarr the Barbarian, maybe a Gamma World game.

Basically it would be similar to a super-mega dungeon module that takes characters from first to tenth level or something. I didn't know where I was going with it at the time, but that was the general idea. There was also going to be a mysterious 'space rock' or element or ore or something that was super rare and super powerful. The higher up you went in the tower, the more space rock the bad guys had access to. Of course at the top of the tower, protected by all the levels below it, is the sentient space rock matriarch.

First stop, undead weapon-master level (the space rock is his brain!)

Next level, the dual-hammer guy (the space rock is a fine dust in his re-breather!)

Next up is vicious lizard-wizard with a small hunk of space rock

Cyborg space-rock-a-mancer with an even bigger chunk of space rock

The brothers of science, with their techno-wizardry weaponry

The liche, with a whole staff made of space rock

Vampire lord with spider-venom wrist gun and white space rock wand

[insert cool name of sentient, psychic space rock matriarch here]

The triple-T tower showing you its backside


  1. Awesome dude! But how the hell does it stay up?


  3. And there is me thinking I must of been mad.

  4. @DBrian: I don't know? Space rock foundation?

    @Joe and BBill: Thanks guys, good to hear from you Joe, it's been a while.

    @Spacejacker: I can't get the link to work!

    @Derina: Oh, you're probably still mad!