Thursday, November 24, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Mail Order Loot

Not much to this with this week's post. When the castle sets of 2007 came out, I was blown away, I was excited about LEGO again (eh, it comes and goes I guess). The biggest change was that they added actual fantasy elements to their tried and true medieval-based range.

Skeletons were no longer flavor text inanimate objects lying in a dungeon cell, but an undead race with necromancers and skeletal steeds! They might've called the greenskins "trolls" for copyright reasons, but we all know they were LEGO Orcs. And then they made me very happy indeed with the introduction of LEGO Dwarves.

The line was a little too short-lived for my tastes, but my wallet is thankful for it at least. This all came out about a year before I started Mik's Minis, but I was still photographing this stuff. I knew I wanted to review it, or whatever, but unsure of the format. In a sense you are looking at photos of what is a proto-Mik's Minis.

Yup, Battle Packs were another cool idea, I have no idea why they've been abandoned now. Here's one good guy and one bad guy battle pack of reinforcement troops. Also is a very cool jousting duel set between a human and an undead.


  1. If battle packs had continued I'd be still buying them now.

  2. One of LEGO's cooler ideas for sure, I loved Battle Packs.

  3. Sadly I missed out on the I mean Trolls and Dwarves. I got back into Lego after that, I've picked up a few Trolls, but sorely wish they would bring the line back!

  4. Lego is weird like that. If you miss a trend, you *really* miss a trend. It's hard to keep up sometimes.