Thursday, December 1, 2011

LEGO Thursday: They Call it a Mine...a Mine!

When the Dwarves' Mine hit the scene it was a pretty amazing set. It came with scads of Dwarves, a decent showing of Orcs, and a big ole Troll. Not to mention the set itself was pretty cool and captured the Dwarf feel rather well.

The mine itself is very well thought out. It has multiple levels, different sections dedicated to different facets of the mine itself, and even a cool mine car track.

Weapon and armorsmith working at the anvil

A Dwarf miner by the lode cars

The Dwarf king with golden goblet and giant ruby

A warrior by the hearth, above is the ore tramway

Dwarf catapult (that really fires) for defense

All new figs, helmets, beards, swords, shields, the works...

The Dwarf mine showing you its backside


  1. I have this set and i love it. It's really cool.

  2. Old set ? If so ... awesome score my friend

  3. It is for reasons like this that I cannot wait for my son to get older. Then again, I can't wait for him to be born!


  4. @Deadmeat: It's a great one, I love it too (obviously). It's got all kinds of cool extras and the amount of cool figs it comes with just can't be beat.

    @Joe: Well, these are also old photos!

    @Jordan: Cool news all around, start stockpiling those LEGO sets now, they pay off better than gold! Welcome aboard to Mik's Minis!