Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Garden Signs of Life

So even though the gardening season is long dead, some of you may recall that I tried my hand at winter crops this year. Above you have the two groups I planted; broccoli and Brussels sprouts, and yes, "Brussels" is a proper name. I'm pretty excited because looking at them they seem to be doing exactly what they're supposed to even though we've had had multiple mornings with frost and a few nights with temperatures dropping below freezing.

Hey! It looks just like broccoli!

I know what a Brussel sprout looks like, and although these plants seem to be as healthy and vibrant as the broccoli, I've seen hide nor hair of the actual sprout. Too bad because I have a great recipe in mind for when they finally do get here.

Overall I've enjoyed tinkering around with these plants and it is kind of neat to keep the garden going after the 'big' garden has withered and died. Maybe next year I'll try potatoes or onions. Until then, enjoy!


  1. Looking good! You definitely have a green thumb!

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