Friday, December 9, 2011

The Homage Autobiography

When I posted my "Terrible Tower" a couple of weeks ago my buddy Spacejacker of Tiny Solitary Soldiers sent me this hilarious image. If I were to write a book, well I have no idea what it would be about, but with this self-fulfilling prophecy I guess I would have to name it "I Wanted to Build a Tower, so I did." Anybody know any desperate publishers?


  1. Id buy it too!

    (it took great restraint to hold back cropping the photo a little higher, which would have totally changed the meaning of the word tower.)

  2. Man those are some huge squash! I remember seeing pics of them on the blog, but I'm not sure they were that big yet.

  3. @Brummie: Me too!

    @Spacejacker: Dude, that crop would've been wrong in a very funny way! Did I mention how wrong it would be?

    @Eli: Dude, they took over the backyard, it was like something from a bad sci-fi movie.