Tuesday, January 31, 2012


All kinds of good stuff have been coming in the mail lately, here's just a couple of goodies. In the coming week or so hopefully I'll be able to get some posts up with actual details. So this is just a little heads up of things to come 'round these parts.
  • A big envelope from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I'm never disappointed when an order comes in from these guys, and within are some great detailing bits and a large pack of bases I've had my eye on for a while. More on this one soon.
  • The other, even larger envelope is very exciting, it's a beta-test copy of Gunship: First Strike. Being a beta-test right now there's a lot of restrictions of what I can and can't say or show, but it's very cool nonetheless. We're hoping to get our first game in this week.


  1. Mail, heck yeah! We'll be waiting for you to share the new toys.

  2. Nice big bubblewrap envelopes are always good! I got a few last week (Tomorrow's War and crusties) and expect a couple this week as well (Deisho and 15mm shacks). Will be interesting to see the SWM bases. They're certainly tempting...

    Gunship: first strike looks very intriguing! Right up my alley as it were. Will definitely have a look at the rules. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I have no problem with you sharing pics of Gunship, first impressions, playtest sessions, etc. I just don't want any major reviews posted on BGG etc. as this was not the intent of the Beta. If you want to do a short review here on your site that is great. Thanks for volunteering - glad that it made it safely! Steve, EPG

  4. @CCreel: You know it! Tomorrow I'll direct you to a skeleton bits review over at my moonlighting blog, Santa Cruz Warhammer.

    @Martin: I will be following your Tomorrow's War exploits closely, I've had a copy for a while now and barely cracked the spine. Though a recent AAR over at Fawcett Avenue Conscripts was incredibly inspiring. I've had my eye on those shacks too.

    @Heya, welcome aboard Steve! Yup, Oz dropped the rules off this morning so I could learn them, looks very cool so far. Thanks for the go ahead too, the proverbial flood gates have been opened. Rock on...

  5. Ah, I think I know the AAR in question (pilot rescue). I found it very inspiring as well, although he thought the game didn't go very well.

    My most immediate painting target is to get the forces together for that first scenario. Should make for a fun little project.

  6. Actually, that one was kind of a bust, they did another one since then, and it sounded (and looked) a lot better:


    New rules and the like are always good for painting inspiration. Looking forward to seeing what you've got cooking up.

  7. Yes, it seems they didn't enjoy that game all that much but it read very well. Or good enough for me to order the books. Hehe! When I read the second AAR it just made me more excited. :)