Saturday, January 7, 2012

Join the Armies Army!

I'm following on the heels of my buddy Spacejacker over at Tiny Solitary Soldiers with this one, but it's worth spreading the word. If you're so inclined, re-post this in your own neck of the woods as well. We're looking at some greens of the 15mm variety and as you can see they're perfect for near-future to post-apoc and everything in between.

Armies Army is a new blog, as in just two posts as of this writing. They're "testing the water" with these greens, but I think they're definitely onto something. As far as I know there's no definitive production plans, but maybe with enough buzz generated we can make that happen sooner than later. These images are all borrowed directly from Armies Army, you may as well head over to the source and check 'em out there!

15mm sci-fi has been no stranger here at Mik's Minis, and these buggers would fit right in for sure. They've got the kind of details I get excited about in a good mini too; the weapons are 'almost' recognizable, very much modern AK-47's, but in the right light they could be the light assault rifle of a planetary militia two systems away four hundred years from now. The uniforms are great; fatigues with some tactical pads and the facemasks could be painted as re-breathers, hoods, or even alien skin. My favorite part of the figs are all those pouches, pouches are cool. They hold all of your stuff. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, tell your friends, post on your blogs, and join Armies Army!


  1. For 15mm these look fantastic ...

  2. I thought so too, lots of cool attention to detail in there. It's like having your own miniature GI Joe figures.

  3. Much appreciated the support guys. thanks to a good friend and figure produer production begins as soon as i have the figures ready. Im thinking of a couple of changes to the odd figure, such as more modern scopes and some RPG backpacks.

  4. Great sculpting!!

  5. @Armies Army: Just spreading the word! Keep us posted, I'm eager to pick some of these up.

    @DuendE: Great sculpting indeed!