Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Purchase of the Year

I picked up a pair of Reaper's alien Illyrians today from their excellent Chronoscope line. I've had my eye on the scout for some time, it's pretty much the style I like the best; sci-fi, kind of cartoony, lots of detail and fiddly bits. The named agent is newer to me however and I'm not blown away by it, the hair is a bit much for me, and the giant calculator it's holding isn't helping either. So, still not painting, still trying to put the game room back to working order, but these little aliens will be waiting on me when I do. Rock on!


  1. Why does that first figure want me to paint it in 70s Starsky and Hutch style clothes???

  2. Heh, well said, consider it done when I do get around to committing brush to fig! Maybe a a weapon-swap for a revolver will go a long way as well?

  3. lol will be cool. I to really like the scout figure just have no use for it yet

  4. The first time I saw the agent one I thought the 'hair' was a cleverly designed wig made from a mop. ^.~

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  6. @Brummie: Hmm, I've got an idea or two...

    @oniakki: Okay, thinking it's a mop-top makes it a lot cooler in my book!

    @DuendE: I like your enthusiasm, I'll check it out, thanks for stopping by.