Thursday, January 26, 2012

LEGO Thursday: NPC Adventuring Party

Adventuring parties full of people's characters are well and good, but what about the NPC adventuring parties out there? Someone's gotta be neutral competition every now and then. You and your party of PC's can't always be the only tough-looking group of hombres in the tavern on that stormy night can you?

When dealing with NPC parties, they tend to lean on the side of two-dimensional. Above you have the stern and honor-bound warrior monk woman, the sneaky and deadly Elf rogue, and the quirky, absent-minded Gnome wizard.


  1. Kill the gnome first (lowest HP, potential wildcard) then the Elf (High threat, high visibility) then reason with the monk. Whew.

  2. As a WFRPG GM has used several such groups, of which I mostly liked blonde monozygotic 4 twins High Elves (magically fertilized), fighting in teams (kinda SS feeling).

  3. @Spacejacker: Kill the Gnome first? These guys aren't the bad guys, I worked hard getting the old man Yiddish accent just right for that Gnome! Besides, that tricorn hat wearing Elf can hide in shadows like nobody's business!

    @Umpapa: Love the Elf-power baddies, they may have to make an appearance sometime! Wish we played more WFRPG than we do around these parts.

  4. Sorry, I was roleplaying.. That's what would have probably transpired if our dreadful WHFRP party met them.

    "Greetings. travelers! What brings you to.. Agh! What are you doing? Our goals may.. Urgh! My leg.. By Sigmar, why? Gaaagghh.. For pity's sake, we mean you no- Eeeuughh!...." etc