Friday, January 20, 2012

Messiah Bold

He'Brew Messiah Bold, yes, it's the "beer you've been waiting for". No, it's not kosher, I'm pretty sure it's all marketing. Puns aside, and not one to pass up a new beer, no matter its origin, soI tried this one out. Wow, I was very impressed! First of all, it's a dark porter for sure, look at the photo, it's just like a Guinness. Its got a thick head and strong caramel aroma right out of the pour. The taste is just as lovely, strong in the roasted grains department and with a smooth finish. This is a great beer and if you like full, dark beers, I would definitely give He'Brew a shot.


  1. ooooo will keep my eye out for that cheers!

  2. No problem, it's a good porter for sure. I think I'll polish off the rest of this six pack at tonight's Deathwatch game.

  3. It is kosher, I checked the label at the game. Pretty tasty, too.