Thursday, January 12, 2012

LEGO Thursday: You're Eating People! Lego People!

Tuxedo-equipped Minifig Groom's Cake

Last summer fellow gaming buddy Bi3cuit, longtime resident artist around these parts, got married. Being the AFoL that he is, there was Lego baking to be had at the reception. He saved the head for a game night a week later. I ate the eyeball.


  1. :D Aweseomly hiliarious. Actually Legos have been dominating my life ... my children were finally old enough to get real ... non-duplo ... legos this past xmas and we've actually created a "lego room" in our house where Legos must remain. With the winter weather the kids are inside most of the day when they are out of school and we've had some epic multi-hour lego build-a-thons going. I foresee legos dominating their toy selection for years to come at their ages really my wife and I have made the decision that legos are about the best choice for a toy. We have five kids ages 14 month old, 3,5,6,7 and for our family Legos are such an awesome toy in terms of something they can share, something the girls and boys like, and a toy that is fun at five and fun at 12. Hell what am I saying I've found that even I really have fun building stuff with legos still as an old man ... now I have a really good excuse to do so :)

  2. Well you've come to the right place, Lego Thursdays have been going strong for some time!

    For all the reasons you mentioned, LEGOS really are universal and having a dedicated LEGO room is an awesome way to spend quality time and do something everyone enjoys at the same time. A cool book came out not too long ago, The Cult of LEGO, I need to review it here.

    Yeah, so I feel pretty much dead with just the ten month old and eight year old. What are some tips yo?