Friday, February 3, 2012

The Big M

I have no idea what to say, Mik's Minis has just hit one thousand posts. It's kind of mind-boggling really. Mind you, some posts are queued up and haven't been made public yet, but the dashboard clearly reads "1-300 of 1021" (as of this writing) on my page one edit list. It snuck by me and I didn't notice.

Over a thousand posts seems like a lot, and really, it just is. I hope you've enjoyed the blog so far, I know I certainly have, it's been quite the haul to get us this far. I try to keep things relevant, but relevant itself is pretty subjective you know?

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, I keep writing because you keep reading, it's that simple. Here's to the next thousand posts, thanks to everyone out there, rock on.


  1. That's awesome! Really mind Bottling. Just sort of traps all your thoughts in one place.


  2. Thanks Steven, that's an interesting point about mind bottling too. In the future will we have digital archaeologists and cultural anthropologists? What have I left for them to comb through? I dunno, a thousand posts or so on gardening and gaming I guess.

    A couple of beer reviews here and there.

  3. Whoa!! 1001 congratulations!!

    As for the future web-excavations ... I'm sure they'll attribute your blog to some sort of religious cult or something regarding the use of miniatures and alcohol ... :)

    Seriously though congrats ... great blog ... 1000 down 5000 ... 10,000 in your future!

  4. Congratulations Mik, here's to many more!

  5. 1000. That's awesome. My own feeble cyber-efforts have barely over 10% of that.

    Keep on keepin' on.

  6. @Spacejacker: Thanks man, there's plenty more to come indeed.

    @Skywatcher: Thanks for sticking around, haha.

    @Brian: It's all a trade off, maybe if I only had a hundred posts I'd have a *lot* more stuff painted! Good to hear from you as always, saw 'the boys' tonight, talked Blood Bowl and played some Galaxy Trucker.

  7. 1000 posts! Impressive! I will keep following! ;)