Thursday, February 2, 2012

LEGO Thursday: The Hunt, the Ultimate Arena Sport

Raise your hand if you've ever heard of The Hunt, the Ultimate Arena Sport. Some of you? None of you? Well I picked it up a long time ago, twenty years to be exact and no, and I've never played it, haha. So if you've played it, let me know how it is.

I wanted to play it though, and at one point I was going to use LEGOs for it, not surprisingly, eh? It's a miniatures game with very, very light RPG elements set in a Running Man type dystopian future where the Hunt is televised and sponsored. For the most part you are hunting down prey, usual riff-raff of convicts and such. However, in each maze there are foxes, which are super-criminals who are just as armed and deadly as the players themselves. Of course taking down a fox earns you lots of cash and prizes.

The Prey; average convicted Joes of corporate crime, speeding tickets, etc.

Low-leveled prey, armed

Medium leveled prey with better arms and armor

Two of the foxes, as statted up in the book

Two more stock foxes (check out that bionic arm, ahem)

The camera crew for the event, my own touch

The Hunters themselves, the (relative) good guys in the game

Looking back at this I have no idea why the project failed to get the green light. Heck, looking at it here all I had to do was just run the game, all the prep work seems to have been done by this point. I don't know if my gaming group ever saw this either, so who knows, maybe it will garner enough interest to warrant breaking it out again.


  1. I bought it 20 years ago too. I couldn't convince anyone to play it... I think the problem is.. it's not very good. I think you could transplant the setting and sport into better rules.. Iten would probably give you a nice fast paced game, or Flying lead/MDRG?

  2. Mik,

    Your LEGO collection never fails to amaze me.

  3. The game still sits on my shelf, even after weeding out many other games over the years. The concept is good, even in what it lacks in execution. Love your Lego work!

  4. Wow! Your LEGO collection rocks!

    I played THE HUNT once about 16 years ago. Never played it again. Spacejacker is right: port the ideas into a better set of rules.

  5. I love the most dangerous game aspect of it, really interesting. Also, im going to agree with Eli, you made me want to play with lego's again lol

  6. Woohoo, LEGO Thursday is on fire this week! First off I've gotta say I'm very surprised to find so many people with a connection to The Hunt, it was pretty obscure when it came out over twenty years ago.

    The concept is definitely a cool one, and I don't think a port over to a more manageable system with a little more depth would be a difficult task at all.

    Thanks for the LEGO comments too, you can never have too many and you're never too old!

  7. That looks damn awesome actually ... thinking of other possibilities (and violating the Lego theme .. sorry) a generic sci-fi mini range 15 MM game could be kick ass for this. Really though GW figs could probably work great too with a little conversion. This past year or so I've really become enamored with the idea of running "board game style" ... "one shot" type mini games. Where you just tell the gaming group "we are playing this" and get people to come over and just play. No big hassle with people making army lists, or rolling characters or worrying about ... oh well I don't know if I can commit to a weekly game ... just "everyone stfu and be there on Saturday we are playing" kinda games. Seem so much easier to pull off ...

    Good post thanks!!

    1. 15mm would be perfect for something like this, and your board could be even more compact and efficient. Khurasan makes some post-apoc figs that would be perfect to run as bad guys and GZG makes a good number of low-armed near-civilian types that would be perfect too.

      There's a lot to be said for just running a game and having everyone just show up empty handed to play it. Especially if it has legs enough to get some consistency behind it.