Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Dream of Projects

Image by George Grie ©

It's true, as in last night. Last night's dream was a pretty boring one by my usual standards, but one in which I was typing up a new queue for the blog, new project descriptions, and the like. Not one to let self-fulfilling dreams pass me by, I'm typing up my "to-do" list for the year. I suspect a proper (and new!) HUD for 2012 will follow shortly.

I remarked in an email this week to a non-blog gaming buddy how I haven't been painting anything lately. I suspect being on full-time, stay-at-home dad status with the almost now one year old has been the culprit. Not complaining mind you, just thought I should note. My gameroom remodel has slowed to a crawl as well, I also suspect not having access to my proper painting nook (nor my fortress of solitude in general) is the other shoe that has dropped. But with the ending of the first quarter of 2012 almost upon us I suppose I really should put the "minis" back in Mik's Minis.
  • 15mm Starport Denizens. That's right, I said "Starport", those magic words. I thought this year would be when I took the plunge, I figured more fanfare with its own announcement would be in order, but since I am laying it all out, so be it. I have some acquired some great 15mm figs lately, I need to post about them, and they would form the core of the Starport. A "denizen" would be any of the personality type models hanging around, the non rank-and-file troopers.
  • 15mm Future Police. The 15mm train keeps rolling and I had this idea to make some law enforcement units for said Starport. I need to get some figs, but the idea is burning a hole in my brain, so they get their own entry. I also need some 1/72 police vehicle decals if anyone can point me in the right direction.
  • 15mm Colonial Marines. Holy cow, more 15mm stuff! Needless to say this year might be the year of the 15mm wee ones in minis. Will they be true Colonial Marines? Dunno yet, but again, I've got a plan, and I've got an eye on some stuff. It doesn't hurt that they could easily form the military attachment at said Spaceport.
  • 15mm Scientists. I am out of control with this 15mm stuff. Control...gone. Yes, I have an idea for scientists, in little science teams, looking for science type stuff. With science vehicles and the like, roaming the wilds outside the safe confines of the Starport. Archaeologists, Xenopologists, Geologists, and more. In little white vacsuits.
  • 28mm Sci-Fi "Army". This one seems vague but really I just don't want to get carried away with it. I've squirreled away the makings of three, possibly four distinct 'forces'. Nothing larger than say a platoon or two each. If I say I'll paint them all at once, well, that's a bit daunting. If I pick one at a time however? Much better in the long run. Candidates are; Imperial Guard Desert troopers, Renegade Guard troops (with Squats), Iron Reich-type dark future troopers, and finally a small group of jungle mercs. See, that's a lot to swallow all at once. I'll pick one of the bunch and focus on it through to completion.
  • 28mm Prehistorics. These guys are backlogged from last year. They're way overdue, end of story.
  • 28mm Cowboys. Another backlogged project that is exceedingly overdue.
  • Malifaux warband. Picked these up on the cheap and they only number a scant eight models. These will be a fun distraction and the rules seem worth looking further into. Another player in our group has recently picked up some Malifaux models and the rulebook and his grown son also plays, so it is likely a game is in the future.
So it looks like a Spaceport is in order at the very least. The great minis out there in 15mm seems like the right scale for me. Plus you can cram even more starport-goodness on the table in a slightly smaller scale.

A lot of projects, say from last year even, fell to the cutting room floor. They'll neatly go back in their boxes and wait patiently for me to get around to them. Some things, like finishing my Flames of War stuff, really depend on how much FoW we're actually going to be playing this year, and so on. Other projects, like the cowboys, are just too small to ignore. So there you have it, stuff to do, figs to paint. Rock on.


  1. My advice:
    Step 1: establish small, tidy painting nook.
    Step 2: No more than five 15mm figures in that nook until they are done.

    15mm figs dry so fast you should be able to make some enthusiasm-inspiring headway pretty fast and get back in the swing.

    Looking forward to seeing more minis from Mik ;)

    1. Considering the source I'll take this advice to heart, err, brush. Thanks! Painting minis is a little like weight loss; you know you should do it even if you don't feel like it sometimes and even a little encouragement goes a long way.

  2. Ya I hear ya I feel the siren call of the brush again too. I've been terrible the past few years or so. I went from painting 200-400 minis a year, plus terrain projects, to ... *shudder* ... I have much on the work bench now though and need to get off me arse and get some stuff painted!! In my case there is so no excuse as I have so much stuff assembled, primed and base coated ... I just need to get it on the bench, painted and up on the display shelf and out on the table!! Carpe Diem!!

    1. I've never been the most productive painter, but this dry spell is unusual even for me. Not having a painting desk set up right now is a convenient excuse as probably half the time I paint at the kitchen table anyway! Well these projects are written down and now made reality, tomorrow the 'official' HUD of 2012 hits too so it looks like Carpe Brush'em indeed!