Thursday, February 16, 2012

LEGO Thursday: Micro Reliant

Ha, there was one more undocumented build lurking in the archives; a micro-scale Miranda class ship from the Star Trek franchise, the USS Reliant. I picked this ship because it was hijacked by Khan in the best sci-fi remake of Moby Dick ever.

I did break a major Lego "purist" rule in this build in that I painted the radar dish. I don't know if they make an all-white dish, but I didn't have one so necessity dictated it. I'm not too concerned with 'purism' when it comes to playing with toys though.

Looking at this comparison shot I'm sure I could've done the nacelles differently. I think a duo of parallel, flat, and smooth 1x3's trailing behind the ship would've made this a tad better. As it stands, it still gets the point across. Enjoy!


  1. I like it and you're right it was the best Moby Dick.....

    1. Thanks! Even omitting the whole Trek mythos, it's a solid sci-fi movie just by itself!