Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome to Friday Rucht Hour

Hello all!

You'll notice that this is not your regularly scheduled blog post. But do not worry. We are in control and all of that.

This is Rucht Lilavivat, sometime game designer and director of Game Programming at Dragon*Con. But most importantly, I'm Mik's long-time friend. We have gamed together, had libations together, and even done the blood-brother thing. Yeah, I'm kidding about the last part.

Mik and I have collaborated for a while now and he's graciously allowed me to use this space for some of my blog-type ramblings. How did this happen? I blogged most of my Rogue Trader campaign some time ago, but unfortunately had to leave it hanging due to time considerations. I've recently started up a Pathfinder game and Mik asked me to blog it. But nowadays, I definitely don't have the time for that, unfortunately.

Still, Mik is a persistent man and it's just plain hard to say no to him. So while I won't be starting up my own blog, I'll be posting a few things on Fridays concerning my Pathfinder game and some mini/modeling that I'm working on as well. That will continue for a little while until my content runs out and then I'll take my leave from the blog.

After some consideration, we've decided to call this little addition Friday Rucht Hour. (My first name is pronounced "Rush" despite the spelling. The T's silent.)

My next "real" post will be next Friday and then every Friday from there on out until my content reaches its logical conclusion. Thanks again to Mik for letting me into his house and put up some decorations!


  1. Will come and check it out on Friday Rucht....

  2. I couldn't be more excited to bring Rucht on board! He's one of the most generous, knowledgeable, and all around friendly gamers that I know, but like he said, he's one of my best friends first, gaming buddy second. He's also the other side of the gaming coin, the yin to my yang, so what he'll be bringing to the table here is going to be awesome.

  3. This is great news! I really (really, REALLY!) missed reading the updates over at Warrant of Trade. It's still one of the best and most inspiring RPG blogs I've come across, and I still head over there sometimes to reference something or just re-read parts.

    So... I'm looking forward to Friday Rucht Hour, although I've never played Pathfinder (or even DnD)! :)

  4. Thanks, Martin! I'll be doing a few posts about minis as well, if you're interested. While I have time and space, I will try to wrap up Warrant of Trade in the next few months so that it will at least have a proper finish.