Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Last LEGO Thursday: The GLAST

Look! It's the GLAST! Sheesh, this photo is so old (look at the monitor in the pic) that they don't even call it the GLAST anymore!

Also, this is the last LEGO Thursday, for real this time. You know me, I'll always have LEGO content here at Mik's Minis, but starting next Thursday we will have a new weekly feature. So far it is queued up for, oh, about sixty weeks or so. Until then I hope you have enjoyed all of these LEGO Thursdays, and like I said, there's always going to be LEGO content, that's what started this whole thing off years ago.

Speaking of new content, not only does next Thursday start a new, ongoing regular feature, but tomorrow will see the rise of another new feature...with a new author. So class, we will have a new student tomorrow, they're not from around here but I want all of you to do your best to make them feel welcome!


  1. You tease!

    Two new features hinted at and you give use nothing!

    Hiiiisssss.... :)

    1. Give you nothing? I gave you a freakin' Gamma-Ray space telescope made out of LEGOs!

      Just kidding, oh yeah, two new features too! One is a LEGO Thursday replacement, not LEGOs though, and the other one, that's not really up to me!

  2. Looking forward to this new feature and the guest writer.