Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Orcus

Demon-prince and Lord of the Undead, Orcus is about as hardcore as they come. Asinine edition wars aside, he's also the only bad guy to get a detailed writeup in every edition of the game. I mean look at him, you think you get a rock hard body like that by being a chump?

Orcus is also the first truly bad guy to make a Thor's Day appearance, so why pick a bad guy? Countless hours of flipping through Monster Manuals and Fiend Folios was always cool, but Orcs and Rust Monsters got old. It was the Demons and Devils section that everyone invariably went to, mainly because those write-ups were always the most interesting. Of those bad guys, Orcus was always the top dog, earning him a Thor's Day spot.


  1. If I ever run a "Monster Manual" wrestling federation, I will main-event Orcus vs Demogorgon, with orcus as the tweener babyface.

    1. MMWF? I think that idea may have some legs!