Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Nick's Minis

So, I had completely intended to write out a battle report on our latest Warmachine game, but the pictures I took were unfortunately horrendous. Perhaps later. I may "stage" some pictures to get the story across, if people are interested, because it was probably one of the more interesting Warmachine games I've played in a while.

Anyhow, instead I've decided to showcase the work of a good friend of mine here, locally. Nick. Nick does some pretty amazing work not just with minis but with terrain as well. Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

The picture above is of some of his Legion of Everblight models. They're a faction from the Hordes game, which is compatible with Warmachine. The basing of all of the models you see here is home-made. The large model with six wings is the Angelius, a truly hideous powerhouse for the faction. Anyhow, that column that it's curled up on? Totally handcrafted. The base was largely made with Hirst Arts Fantasy molds. Of course, those same brick molds were used in the basing of the other models as well. I especially like the snow on the bases, though. It's very striking and proper for the faction as well, since they all hail from the far north.

The original Angelius has no column on its base.

Some of his work has resulted in some really great photos. If I had a better camera, I'm sure these would look even better. Anyhow, I'll let you take a look at some of the work here. These are all from actual games.
The model above is a Raek, caught trying to sneak around this building to flank my forces. What I like about this picture is that it shows off the steampunk aspects that Nick built into his architecture. By adding in the pipes and liquid tank, he was able to add just a few subtle features to provide a steampunk flavor without overwhelming the subject with it.

This is a shot of our game just after he finished the house you see here. Because the three-story house is to scale, it's pretty big on the table. The entire structure lifts away so that you can place minis in its base. The hill the house sits on comes was crafted as well, and can be used to make a large bridge scene.

Anyhow, I hope to get some of Nick's terrain up close and personal next time.

All for now.

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  1. Very colorful scenery and figures. And Clever use of scenery for "double-duty"...hill or bridge. Thanks.