Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Modern Horror

Happy Friday the 13th....

I happen to have an entry that is appropriate to the date.

Gothic Earth Eternal
So, I wrote my own Pathfinder mod. It's a set of Pathfinder rules for playing in a modern day horror setting.

The story of how this project came about is kind of interesting. It all sprang from a dead book that I wrote for the now largely-defunct Morrigan Press. Basically, I wrote an entire Horror RPG for them, but it was never published. Just so that you know, this is pretty typical in the RPG business. My friend, Rob Schwalb has written well over 200,000 words that he's never seen a cent for.

So, I had this thing just collecting dust for years and not doing anything. The folks at the Fraternity of Shadows (who run the Ravenloft website) wanted to look at it, I let them see it and then the project sort of sprang to life on its own.

Design Concepts
I'll be completely honest - a lot of my design ideas for the Gothic Earth Eternal project came from my buds at the Minions of the Monster Master. Listening to some of their podcasts, particularly the ones featuring more independent-type games gave me many of the ideas I had for GEE.

The idea behind Gothic Earth Eternal wasn't that it was just going to be Pathfinder set in the modern day. It was going to be an RPG catering a specific type of game - one where investigation and roleplaying would be extremely important.

So I definitely was inspired to do stuff like the Investigative Roleplaying System and Foreknowledge tokens - from the spirit of independent games like FATE, Fiasco, or Zombie Cinema.

Anyhow, take a look at it. It's all there in PDF. Tell me what you think! Also, give love to the Fraternity of Shadows for keeping the Ravenloft dream alive!


  1. Looks interesting! I'll read over it.

  2. Seems pretty solid mate, im going to mention this to my group.

  3. Henry, thanks for the compliment. And thanks for spreading the word. If you feel like it, drop the Fraternity of Shadows a line and mention this. They would appreciate the positive reinforcement as well.