Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Who is Alpha Wolf Pack?

So, we talked about getting our feet off of the ground, starting up our own RPG. Right now, as of this writing, I am working up the character generation chapter of the book and ironing it out. Also, I've just came up with our casualty system and I'm pretty jazzed about it. It's one of the more unique ways I've seen to come up with the question of: "Are you dead or not?"

Anyhow, last post I had, we talked about where this idea came from and the big goals for this project. Now, let's talk about the player characters in our RPG. What will the players be doing in this game?

The players will be taking on the role of members of the Wolf Pack Squadron, the elite fighting force in the universe as we know it.

In the year 2359, the United Planetary Nations is the most powerful political entity on the planet Earth. Because the UPN controls the value of the world currency and the world minimum wage, it wields tremendous economic power. It also possesses UPN Peacekeeping troops which are authorized to occupy and police other nations on terran soil if necessary to ensure peace and order are maintained at all times.

Discord on Earth is ever-present and constant. As Earth's resources dwindle, nations fight against each other in small, periodic skirmishes which must be watched and dealt with before tensions ignite a fourth World War.

Fortunately, the large and ever-present Peacekeeper forces around the globe help staunch these hostilities. But there is an elite faction of Peacekeepers, who are called to an even higher duty - the Wolf Pack Squadron.

The Wolf Pack Squadron are Peacekeepers who are given special training and sent into space, where they continue the work of the United Planetary Nations. Whether it be on the Moon, the Colonies, Barnard's Star or the Alpha Centauri systems, the WPS responds when the need arises. Earth is no exception. When special forces are needed on terran soil, the Wolf Pack is there.

The Wolf Pack's elite status comes as a result of their rigorous training. Not only are Wolf Pack members soldiers and police all-in-one, but they are also trained as astronauts and space engineers. Most Wolf Pack members possess advanced degrees and speak multiple languages.

Each Wolf Pack has a alphanumeric designation. There is a Beta, Charlie, Delta, and Echo Wolf Pack - all the way to Zulu. The lead Wolf Pack Squadron is known as Alpha Wolf Pack. The foremost military unit on Earth, Alpha Wolf Pack is made up of men and women who have previously served in another Wolf Pack but have distinguished themselves through their service. Thus, the Alpha Wolf Pack always contains some of the most experienced and hardened personnel the Peacekeepers have to offer.

Next up, we'll actually get down to the nitty-gritty and let you peek at our game system! 


  1. I want to be in the wolf pack!

    1. Consider yourself pressganged!

  2. This is sounding good. So just the Sol system and alpha centauri colonized then? Whats their form of interstellar travel? I look forward to peaking at the system itself.

  3. There are three systems which are populated so far - Sol, Alpha Centauri, and Barnard's Star. Interstellar travel is accomplished through worm-hole technology. The only problem is that you have to have a gate at your destination and end point. So teams of automated robots are sent by space craft to nearby systems at sub-light speeds. Once they reach their destination, the remote droids erect a gate on their end.

    This makes space exploration really slow, but I kind of like that, because it makes us focus on a handful of worlds and we get to really flesh out those worlds.

  4. me likes, especially the background

    Looking forward to the next post