Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Toph Bei Fong

Once known as the Blind Bandit, Toph is one of my favorite characters from Avatar the Last Airbender. I knew about the series but never paid any attention to it. I was mistaken. When my daughter, six at the time, starting watching it on Netflix, I was more than impressed. This is a fantastic series and worth queuing up and watching it beginning to end. The writing is what stands this apart from its animated brethren, and it's that writing that gives us fantastic characters like Toph here.

She's blind, but as an Earthbender, she can sense vibrations and "see" her surroundings that way. An Earthbender uses the element of the Earth to shape and manifest their powers, and Toph is one of the most powerful Earthbenders on the planet. It might have helped that as a young girl she was taught Earthbending by giant, sentient Earth-bending badgers. She's sassy and sarcastic, and isn't afraid to leap before she, ahem, looks. She also embodies a trait that promises to be a recurring theme here at Thor's Day Heroes, that of strong, independent young women.


  1. Last Airbender is an amazing series. One of my top 5 animated shows of all time. I'm really looking forward to Legend of Korra.

    1. Airbender was amazing, and Kora has been pretty good too. Too early to tell really, and it's a totally different animal compared to its predecessor, but so far it hasn't been bad.