Saturday, May 26, 2012

T is for...

In the second installment of the alphabet inspiration romp I'm going back to my blog roll. The reason for this is simple, if I'm not writing my own blog, I'm reading someone else's blog, and it's from these I get all kinds of inspiration whether it's in new minis to buy, new ways to paint, terrain ideas, RPG reviews, new boardgames, and more. Sometimes that inspiration is about making changes to Mik's Minis, or even stuff outside the gaming sphere like gardening, cooking, and even exercising. So for the letter "t" we have but two blogs, however these two pack the punch of a dozen of their brethren.
  • Tiny Solitary Soldiers: Hands down some of the best 15mm sci-fi figs out there. If you don't get inspired after browsing through Spacejacker's many excellently painted figs there something may be broken with you. Plus, he connects with his reader-base, which as mentioned before is a big boon. It's not just painting minis either, game design, cool projects, great terrain, and more abound. If I just have time to read a single blog or two that day TSS usually makes the top of the list. Good brushes, great content, and a machine that won't stop cranking out new material all the dang time are all reasons it makes the list. I can't help but show bias here since TSS is one of my favorite blogs period.
  • Tales from Maelstrom: I love me some Tales from the Maelstrom, simply put. Remember those awesome GW figs we painted horribly back in the late '80s? The quirky stuff like Zoats, and classics like the half-pint lead Imperial Guard with their "egg" walkers? Well the Maelstrom has all of these and more, painted quite well, and used on a regular basis in some great batreps. It's these batreps that I enjoy the most, they're well written, feature great pics, and show tabletop gaming at its best. It's a good place to remember as well that if a ruleset was enjoyable to you, why not keep playing it, just because new editions may come out, you don't have to play them.
Next time we've got the letter "u", looking at the blog roll I only have one "u" blog I follow, and sadly it hasn't been updated in quite some time making it dangerously close to being cut! I'll have to dig jsut a tad deeper for the next go 'round. Until then, enjoy!


  1. Spacejacker does do quality work.

  2. Many thanks for your kind words on our blog!