Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Day Rucht Hour: And Now the Warmachines!

Sorry that I didn't post on Friday - life hit me in the face.

In any event, I thought I might continue to contribute to the minis portion of this game. If you remember my last Warmachine post, my buddy Nick created two terrain hills which could also support a bridge that connected them. We played a scenario game recently which incorporated the bridge.

The bridge was made with Hirst bricks and what Nick did was to stagger the bricks on each end of the bridge so that it locks in place on each hill. It makes for a nice and sturdy piece of terrain.

My opposition takes position on a hill overlooking my forces.

And here's my forces - a small unit of Searforge Dwarves

We did a scenario in a round-robin style tournament. In scenarios, Searforge really shines. Few people usually play Searforge, but I will be taking them out a lot if we keep doing them. For one, the Searforge advantage is that your whole army gets 4" added to their deployment zone. For those not familiar with Warmachine, it means that you get to be 4" up the field, closer to your opponent and objectives.

For another, Gorten's Feat allows him to move his opponent's army up to 8". So, I can push people off of objectives. Finally, my list included Gudrun the Wanderer, who was absolutely the MVP in this game.

Here's a shot over the shoulder of a mini, looking down at my army. Not a bad scenic shot.

A shot over the edge of the bridge, down onto the Khadorian forces below.

A shot from my army's perspective, looking under the bridge at the approaching forces. In the shadow of the bridge is one of the scenario's objectives.

So, the scenario required you to place medium-to-large based models next to objective or a bunch of your smaller soldiers. At the bottom of the second turn, you got points for objectives you had models next to.

I started the game out within a move of one of the scenario's objectives, with my small force bunched up to one side of the table. Because of that, my opponent scrambled across the field to try to engage me. He also made a fatal mistake, he changed course, which meant that one of his units didn't do too much for one turn.

The reason that Gudrun the Wander was the MVP was the fact that he could run to an objective and then knock himself over, making himself immune to ranged attacks. Not only that, he has an ability which makes him heal to full once you kill him. This meant that once he fell over next to an objective, you had to run over to him and kill him twice to get him off. You couldn't just shoot him off.

The game wrapped up pretty quickly thanks to my MVP and the fact that my whole army started pretty close to one of the objectives.


  1. I'm going to have to dock your pay for getting the Rucht Hour in late!

    Seriously though, looks great on the minis table, keep 'em coming!

  2. Well, a lot of those minis are your dwarves! Still seeing use after all of these years!