Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Meet the Pathfinder Crew

So, as you know, we are playing Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords in one of our regular gaming groups. And here we have some of our 6-man party. If you recall (or not) we are playing the Rise of the Runelords AP, but placing it in quasi-historical/quasi-mythological Ireland.

First up, our barbarian, Drin. As a inheritor of the Irish ristrahd he started out the game in a position of honor and expectation. He's expected to lead his sept in battle and heap glory upon his clan. My friend Nick modded the sword here and painted it up. You can see the original Reaper mini, here.

Next up is our druid, Gisamael. As a druid, he is a bit of an outsider in 10th century Ireland, which is mostly Christian at this time. Still, the old ways are respected and the Irish come to his people from time to time for aid and advice. Again, Nick modded this mini as well, but he was painted by yours truly.

The shillelagh you see in his hand used to be a spear, but Nick shortened the end and added mistletoe to make it a proper druidic badge of office. See the original model here. Note to people about this model - Nick pinned it in a number of places and I highly recommend that with this guy. His shillelagh has come loose a number of times and pinning saved me a lot of headaches.

This is one of our favorite models of the lot - our bard, Colin. This mini is just an excellent all-around adventurer. He's got a sword and his decked out with all sorts of adventuring equipment. I painted this one. As a bard, Colin isn't just some minstrel plucking a lute and being a fop. Bards in ancient Ireland occupy an honored place in society as historians. A great bard heaps honor and glory upon his clan and can represent the deeds of his sept when he goes to high court. In the legends, Irish bards could shape reality.

This guy's so awesome that it's worth checking out the back of him. He's got the back pack and elbow guard - just a lot of details and a great model. 

All right, next week, we'll look at the other three members of the Pathfinder crew. 


  1. Nice looking minis, I've been drawn into Pathfinder myself.

  2. I love Pathfinder. It can be tough to run, especially once the party breaks through 10th level, but to play it is much fun!

  3. Very nice painting and conversions. They should the Cause well.

  4. nice minis. Love adventurer types

  5. Nice looking conversions -both with regards to the mini's and the change of setting. Looking forward to seeing if these next 3 Pathfinder dudes look as fantastic as these three.