Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: The Minis of Alpha Wolf Pack

Well, I wanted to get into Crucibles and Incidents, but I'll save that for a later date. Right now, let's talk minis.

The Alpha Wolf Pack system that I'm writing relies on mins for its combat, though you could do without it, if you really wanted. I ran a playtest back in May using proxy minis, but the playtest group definitely said that the game was lacking something with the proxies that I had to use.

So, I went about looking for some good sci-fi minis for my next playtest. I asked Mik and he directed me to Pig Iron, which was an excellent suggestion. I was able to get about ten good military sci-fi figures for about 30 dollars. A reasonable price for 10 figs. Much better than what I would have paid at Reaper.

Here's the work:

Here are some typical guys base coated. Heavy infantry. Need to get proper bases for all of them, though.

And here are two of them painted up. They paint up really fast. I was able to knock one out in 30 minutes. But onto something I'm pretty stoked about. I needed a heavy gunner mini, and here's what they had....

He's another heavy infantry guy, with an underslung rifle. But I wanted a more dramatic weapon for a heavy gunner, so I got an old heavy weapon I had from a Reaper mini that I had and did a replacement.

I used the Dremmel that you see back behind the fig. The tricky part was the weapon's stock, behind the figure's right hand. I had to saw that off carefully and reattach it to the soldier's hand. Anyhow, here's the final result....

Viola! He was definitely fun to assemble and paint.

And here's a parting shot of the back of all three figures painted so far. More later!


  1. Im a big fan of Pig Iron stuff. I really felt like I should have made a big order before I left the UK, but you know, dont switch scales, lead mountain and all that.

  2. So now Rucht has painted more minis than me this year? They look good Rucht, that weapon swap came out really well to boot, looking forward to seeing these all finished.

    1. You need a good reason to paint minis. For me, I'm doing that playtest of AWP coming up in July. So, I have something lighting a fire under me. You need something similar. Set up a historical miniatures game?

  3. I really like pig iron's stuff. They are great for near future scifi, and not too flashy.

  4. Nice little conversion on the gunner, Like the colour scheme you chose as well sort of military/police force (though heavily armed)

  5. Thanks, Brummie! That's what I was going for with the color scheme.