Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mega Supers Giveaway Contest!

It has been quite some time indeed since I've witnessed a massive blog giveaway the likes that Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher is in the midst of performing.

ToaTS Big 100K Giveaway!

It's a massive, superhero figure laden prize indeed featuring the Pulp City rules, Pulp City figs, and a jaw-dropping amount of of supers related figs such as Reaper Chronoscope, card art, and tons more.


1) 2 Pulp City starter boxes, 2 extra Supremes and a full colour printed PDF rulebook (over £80 worth)
2) 4 Reaper Chronoscope Supers and a Beast - Thanks to Miniature Heros
3) 2 Lvl2 and 2 Lvl1 Pulp City Supremes of your choice - Thanks to Pulp Monsters
4) 3 x sets of Pulp City Artwork Postcards - Thanks to Pulp Monsters again

That there is plumb amazing! So I entered, I think you should too. Even if I don't win, which would be a bummer indeed, I think my curiosity is more than picqued about Pulp City, and the figs look stunning, so my overflowing plate just got that much more full.

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