Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Cabin v6.0

Two days from we'll be kicking off our sixth mini-con of supergaming and culinary indulgences. Tomorrow we've got another Thor's Day Hero, and Friday I'm sure Mr. L has something special in store for us with Friday Rucht Hour, so this is the last post by me until I get back. I'll try to recap the last five preceding mini-cons:
  • Cabin I: I received my first two European boardgames; Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan. We tried to play Blood Bowl at this one, but it was not conducive to extended trains of thought.
  • Cabin II: Same location as last time, more games, more food including steaks, ribs, seafood, and a keg of Newcastle.
  • Cabin III: We saw a bear come up to the house, someone fell down a flight of stairs but miraculously didn't spill their drink, and two inebriated people who have never played Wii Golf before destroyed all sober challengers who dared swing a virtual club on the same green.
  • Cabin IV: This one was cool because there were a pair of standup classic arcade machines. I played more Time Pilot '84 than any XBox or Wii games combined. It was almost an injury-free cabin except for the wasp sting on someone's genitalia.
  • Cabin V: This one saw the epic eight hour game of Settlers to date; six players with both Cities and Knights and Seafarer's expansions in full effect.
The gist of it is we rent a modern cabin somewhere up in the mountains. Everyone brings truckload of games, we spend almost as much on beverage and groceries as we do the cabin itself, and we lock ourselves in for a solid three or four days. Gaming, eating, drinking, and even more gaming (and more eating and more drinking). I'll try to get some pics up to the mobile feed and I'll post an AAR when the dust has settled as well and my body has mended.

We found out early on that miniatures games are not suited for the cabins, you've got the hassle of lugging all of those armies up there, plus terrain, but then you have to worry about keeping everything safe and finding all the table space. Quick play games and easy to learn rules are the most imperative. There's a lot of games on this list I am eager to play; Super Dungeon Explore, Eminent Domain, Alien Frontiers, and Stone Age immediately come to mind. We'll see how it all goes, until next time, enjoy!


  1. Here is the list. Only 10-15 of these will actually get played.
    7 Wonders
    Leaders Expansion
    Alien Frontiers
    Bocce Ball set
    Traders and Builders
    Ca$h ‘n Gun$
    Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy
    Eminent Domain
    Epic Spell Wars
    Fortress America
    Galaxy Trucker
    Last Night on Earth
    Lords of Waterdeep
    (expansions 2-8, other booster packs)
    Corrupted Expansion
    Quarmaggedon Expansion
    Race for the Galaxy
    Gathering Storm
    Rebel vs. Imperium
    The Brink of War
    Red Dragon Inn 1-3
    The Resistance
    Settlers of Catan
    Cities & Knights
    Settlers of America: Trails to Rail
    Shadows over Camelot
    Small World
    Tales & Legends
    Stone Age
    Ticket to Ride: America
    Ticket to Ride: Europe
    Through the Ages
    Wrath of the Elements
    Siege of Thornwood
    Doomgate Legion
    Heart of Doom
    Warhammer Quest
    Witch of Salem
    Who Would Win?
    Zombie Dice

    1. Last year, Agricola and Race for the Galaxy were the biggest winners. Thunderstone was popular as well.
      Dominion, 7 Wonders and Galaxy Trucker got a lot of play the year before.
      Settlers is consistently in the top 10, year after year. Munchkin is always played.

    2. I am looking forward to the Resistance and Epic Spell Wars this year.

      I am done posting now.

    3. Please let me know how epic spell wars goes, Im quite interested in that one! Good luck guys, Im jealous of everything youre doing except the personal injury roulette. ;)

    4. For some reason when I pasted the text into the post they weren't visible, thanks for putting it up Oz.

      Spacejacker, Epic Spell Wars is a very enjoyable read, as if Tenacious D wrote it, and the gameplay looks to be frenetic, whacky, and fun. I'll keep you up to speed.

  2. I just ordered Super Dungeon Explore and Quarmageddon so hopefully you guys enjoy them enough for me to bring them around.

    1. I don't know Quarmageddon but Super Dungeon Explore will get some play for sure. You need to get the Marvel Heroic book, twelve bucks.