Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Night Miller 002 ~ Beginnings

Hey everybody! Welcome back for the next installment of Monday Night Miller. This week I'll be showing you some more early workings from my college years. These particular drawings are from one of my first animation courses. It was a project pitch about a brother's betrayal and corruption. It had story. It had action. It had drama and comedy. And best of all its had animals! I tried to base the story (very) loosely on a character from the story of "The Journey to the West," the Monkey King and his "Ruyi Jingu Bang" rod and combine it with "The Godfather." My concept was of a jungle taken over by a tyrannical and corrupt mafia-like Don Gator and his league of henchman and hit men (gorillas and frogs!). Under this oppressive rule our hero, a small monkey from the vines, and his brother become caught up in the chaos and eventually the hero's brother betrays him. For the gangster lifestyle the brother leaves the hero, his own flesh and blood, for dead. After waking in a long forgotten tomb the hero finds a powerful weapon of legend and with it he rises against the evils of the jungle and frees those he loves from the darkness. It was an ambitious project and I had a lot of fun working on it. Today, I give you the concept drawings. As for the animation, I may leave that for another time... Behold.

Monkey Quest!

~ Enjoy


  1. My next tattoo design is based on the Monkey King also, one of my favorite stories. Great designs!

  2. I really like the thuggish gorilla above, he's obviously a gorilla but in a sly, non-stereotyped kind of way.