Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Rucht Hour: The Bad Guys of Pathfinder

So, here's my post about some of the baddies we've painted for Pathfinder as well. The first chapter of the Rise of the Runelords has to do with goblins (no real spoilers here, don't worry). If you're familiar with the buzz around Pathfinder at all, you'll know that Pathfinder's take on the traditional goblin has been quite popular. First of all, there's the great Wayne Reynolds interpretation of them, which give the goblins oversized heads for an almost cartoonish look - coupled with a new increased nastiness. Goblins are now creatures that will bake babies in a pie and eat your face.

Wayne Reynold's take on goblins

It's this great balance of being comical coupled with also being cannibalistic creatures from a horror movie that make the Pathfinder goblins so unique."Hey, it would be so cute if it weren't trying to set me on fire!"

Reaper offers minis that look pretty much like the characters in the books. This meant that I had to get my hands on some gobies, since Pathfinder goblins are so cool. But this also means that if you're running an Adventure Path, you could get minis that mirror the art work of each character or creature in the module. That's pretty impressive. I'm sure someone with more money than me and more OCD than me has done just that.

So, on with the goblins!

The reason we were so jazzed about these goblins is because they looked so much like Wayne Reynold's artwork. So we divided the labor up between Nick and myself and you see the end result.

The woman in the pictures above was also a Reaper mini. She represents the main villain of the end of Chapter One. Even though Reaper made a model for that character, I went with this girl instead. I just like this model because it had the essence of the character I had in mind.  She's very much a fantasy artwork character. Check out the hilarious naked backside! 


  1. I love the goblins in Pathfinder. Sure, they may be a bit more cartoonish than classic D&D goblins, but they look like such nasty little critters.

  2. Evil looking and nicely painted Mik!

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  4. Ha! There's just something so AWESOME about not only Wayne Reynolds' artwork, but these fantastic minis that are his illustrations made three dimensional. Just tonight we dipped out toes in the Rise of the Runelords and fought these little guys with their "dog slicers". The fact that the art (and the figs) ooze so much character really elevated an ordinary "DnD romp" to a much higher level.

    Never mind that we're playing a party full of specist Elves.