Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Admiral Piett

Let's face it, there was quite a shortage of named Imperial characters you could actually put a face to in the original (and only) Star Wars trilogy. If there's any franchise that can make entire mountain chains in canonized fiction out of mere crumbs from the movies, it's Star Wars. In this regard they've got Piett here from birth, detailing all of his exploits that led up to his position in the movies. I'm all for canonized fiction, but sometimes enough is enough.

To me he'll always be that guy who was in the right place at the right time, watching a psychotic, out-of-control Dark Lord of the Sith wastefully long-distance strangling perfectly good career officers. It's still a cool moment in the movies when he gets his field promotion to admiral, especially the emphasis Vader puts on the word itself. So here's to you Piett, every group needs a man in uniform, so it might as well be you.


  1. Anybody who carries 3 ballpoint pens and a packet if throat lozenges on the front of his uniform is clearly very well pepared and deserves promotion...

    1. Maybe those are Epi-pens and he's really allergic to bee stings?