Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Toshirô Mifune

There is a distinction made between actors and the characters they play. Earlier we saw the induction of Steve Zissou into the ranks. The actor, Bill Murray, who portrayed him is an excellent actor mind you, but for Thor's Day it was Zissou that got the nod, not Murray.

Today's hero is the opposite. Although just about any character Toshiro Mifune has ever portrayed would be a likely candidate, it is the strength that Mifune himself brings to those characters that makes them truly stand out. From High and Low to the iconic Seven Samurai, Mifune brings a quality to the screen that is hard to ignore. For that reason I have included him here with the rest of the Thor's Day Heroes.


  1. One of the worlds best...period!

  2. Excellent choice! A personal hero of mine as well .

    1. He was pegged as a Thor's Day Hero from beyond the early days.

  3. My favorite is still Yojimbo. Its so awesome!

  4. Almost too hard to pick a favorite. High and Low might be my all-time favorite Mifune/Kurosawa film, but in the samurai realm maybe Throne of Blood. Bah, it is too hard to pick a favorite!