Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Pathfinder Crew 2

All right, here's the second half of our Pathfinder party. We have three more for our total of six. All of these were painted by Nick. 

First up is our Paladin. In the Irish setting, this character is a knight for one of the local monasteries. Technically speaking, this character is a bit anachronistic. Such knights wouldn't have existed until later, but we included it to make the setting as inclusive as possible. Plus, my players aren't taking historical notes from me. This mini is actually the Pathfinder cavalier figure, but it works for our purposes just fine. 

Here he is from the back. The cross is actually a nice touch, breaking up the monotony of the big, black field on the shield. What's best is that it can easily painted over for another setting if needed. 

Here's our Pathfinder Witch character. The male witch in the party has been the black sheep. In medieval society, there was a fine line between being a wise healer and "OMG! He's a witch!" So, the witch character must tread lightly wherever he treads. 

Now, for the piece de resistance. This is Nick's personal mini - a Pathfinder Oracle. Not what most would picture for an oracle, right? This character has the blood of giants in him, accounting for his great size and strength. As an oracle, his is mostly blind, however, accounting for his white eyes. His great size and ability for foresight makes this character an excellent parallel to the Irish hero Finn MacCool. 

Nick heavily modded this figure.   The sword is a warjack sword from the Warmachine minis game. I love the holes in the sword - to make it little lighter, you know? It's colored a little differently because it's supposed to be made from goblyn metal. Nick also added the shoulder pads (from a warjack again) and the buckler to his wrist. 

All right, next time, we'll look at some of the baddies of Pathfinder.

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  1. Very nice. especially the converted Oracle. Reminds me of a certain Warped Warrior from the pages of 2000AD.