Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Night Miller 007 ~ SDE Minions

Hey Everybody! Monday Night Miller time again! This time with some fan art for Super Dungeon Explore, a game that has graced our gaming table a few times now and I'm sure quite a few more. If you're not familiar with the game its a dungeon crawl minis-based boardgame in which you control a band of intrepid heros as they attempt to battle through and survive a perilous dungeon in order to kill its consul-controlled dungeon boss. Along the way you gain treasure cards to enhance your hero and his/her dice rolls whilst slashing at the dungeon's hapless minions and vicious denizens, and hoping you have enough heart tokens left to take down the uber-consul (Dungeon Master).
This is a fun, though sometimes difficult to beat, game set with chibi characters and a heavy vintage video game theme. The figures are great and what I like most about this game is that there is plenty of room to expand with hopefully a boatload of expansions and boosters(I love expansions) on the way to add to the already sizable base game. At the moment there are already two main expansion releases with the Caverns of Roxor and the Glauerdoom Moor planned to be available before the end of 2012.
With that I still couldn't stop myself from trying my hand at making some of my own characters for the game and so far it has been some great fun. Here is my first idea with more intended to be on the way as I plan to reveal a themed expansion or booster as I go. To begin with I chose a beastman type enemy called the Boarman. I tried to keep my ideas  for rules on the respective card to be playable and sensable though I haven't had a chance to playtest them yet. I have added an ability that is not officially in the rule book called "Charge X". I've intended it to be an uncontrolled burst of movement that could also potentially hurt the user. These are Boarmen after all, they're not the brightest crayons in the box. I have defined Charge as such:
Charge X - A character with this ability is able to move up to X spaces in a straight line, attacking all models in the defined spaces. This ability is considered Dangerous. (Dangerous abilities damage both friendly and enemy models that are hit.) A model that uses Charge may not end his/her action on a space occupied by another model. If this ability is interupted by an impassable space/object (i.e. a wall, pillar, statue, etc.) the user is also damaged by the attack.
If you happen to try him out let me know what you think.
Press Start!
~ Enjoy!


  1. Awesome card art Mr. Miller, as always ;)

  2. Looks great, you must've been inspired! If Gears of War doesn't get here in time we'll give this guy a test run.

    I could see a whole lineup of dark heroes; an anti-paladin, a necromancer, lizardman assassin, clockwork knight, a bugbear, the list goes on and on...