Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Mrs. Ples

The first lady of Anthropology, forget about Lucy, Mrs. Ples was gathering before hunting/gathering was popular by all the hot hominids back in the day. Way back in the day.

I didn't start college until I was thirty, and before my master's I had to get my undergrad, so I picked a degree I thought was cool, not a means to an end. I was in the unique position that Anthropology was something I really wanted to learn, and I was old enough to actually appreciate it at the same time. I can't cover all the great things I studied, all pretty varied; primate behavior, 17th century colonial archaeology, Native American studies, and more.

It was the early man studies that I really took to however. So no matter where I am, or where I go, that will always be a part of who I am. For that, Mrs. Ples represents a big ole symbolic chunk, and is now a Thor's Day Hero, err, Heroine.


  1. Something like Time Team then, up to your knees in mud in a ditch?

    1. I wish we got Time Team here in the states, it looks like a cool show right down my alley.

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  3. It's too bad "Primitive Man" has been proven wrong and/or entirely fraud. There is no such thing. However your passion for multiple species of Ape is very noble and respected..