Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Night Miller 011 ~ SDE Minions

Hey Everybody! Monday Night Miller time! This week I've got the first minion of another group of Super Dungeon Explore creatures. This time around I'll be showin' off the Serpentfolk. I definitely used the featured Cultist Snakeman from this post over at MotMM for the concept behind these guys. Now you may be asking yourself "Where is the got-danged artwork?!" Don't worry! This post was intended to be sans-card art because I'm taking this thing interactive! I'm gonna let the readers pick my next SDE Minion posting!!!
This Serpentfolk Cultist will be capable of summoning  another creature into the fray. Kinda like a mini-consul. I will hammer out the details about how I intend this to work but the big plan is to let the Miksminis readers decide what that creature will be. It can be any power level from minion/denizen to big boss. I'll consider* any and all suggestions for character concept and abilities. Let the contest begin!

~ Enjoy!

 *Bonus consideration for reasoning and explanations


  1. I love this guy! Now where's all the requests people!?!?!?! Can't wait to see what rolls in.

  2. Serpentfolk Cultist will be capable of summoning another creature into the fray.

    The summons is dependent on the fear of the victims. The more fear a target has the worse the summons becomes. It could range from small swarms of snakes (low) to extreme 3 headed snakes or large fire breathing dragons (high)

    The lone adventurer is at a disadvantage when facing one Serpent and doomed if he or she stumbles along a group. Groups of adventurers must strike fast and with deadly accuracy before the odds are turned against them.

  3. How about a snake golem made up of a huge mass of living snakes?