Sunday, October 14, 2012

Infinity Round Two

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Maybe it's my old laptop that is annoying me right now but I gotta say, I'm not a big fan of the new Blogger interface.  I push on nonetheless.

I push on because we played another test round of Infinity this week.  I have to put test round in there because Infinity can be quite fiddly to the newcomer and we were stopping often and looking up rules, writing questions down, and the like.  In the end, however, the game felt more like what I thought an Infinity game would feel like, and we had a lot more models on the table to boot.

Militant knights advance across a side street
For this battle we used the basic Infinity starter boxes, statted out as is.  The were my Combined Army aliens versus Jeff's Pan Oceania Militant Order.  Jeff's models looked great, and were almost finished, which always makes for a nice looking battle.

The terrain on the other hand, ahem, not so much.  Just like in the old minis rulebooks where they show photos of textbooks on the kitchen table to act as hills, we kept it very low budget this go-round.  Yup, we used boardgame boxes.  Let's face it though, Infinity just doesn't look right on blasted, neo-gothic ruins of the 41st millennium.  You need skyscraper-choked neo-Tokyo.  Ironically enough, terrain guru Ironworker Miller, has just posted some effective and low-cost Infinity terrain tips.  I will be checking those out.

Also, I know I just complained about the new Blogger interface, well, I admit I do like the new caption option.
A Dāturazi Witch-Soldier skirts a rooftop with the massive Charontid bringing up support not far behind
Infinity, here's their link for posterity, is a great skirmish level sci-fi game.  It does feel quite unique too given all the other samplings out there.  The gorgeous figs instantly set it apart, but the rules help as well.  There's a sort of perpetual over-watch going on that every eligible model can take advantage of when it's not their turn, the ARO (automatic reaction order).  You have a fair number of ARO options as well, depending on what you want to do.  The ARO not only keeps you 100% vested in the game during your opponent's turn but makes those lines of sight all the more important too.

This time around our biggests hurdle was mastering the ARO.  How to use it, when to use it, who could use it, you name it.  For one, we were using the quick start rules, which were understandably skimpy in explanation, and two, it's just a new concept for us in this scale of a game.  Understanding this element is going to be key to how quick you assimilate the rules.

Morat Vanguard Infantry bunch up hoping for safety in numbers
The Dāturazi is taken down by a headshot from two blocks away
This Pan-O sniper had a commanding view of the streets
Another fun component of the Infinity rules is the large role that camouflage plays.  Lots of models have camo, ranging from a simple woodland pattern poncho to sophisticated thermo-optical spectrum based technologies.

The models with active camo use tokens on the tabletop to represent their blip, but that's it.  In order for an enemy to engage them they have to first perform an action to actively 'discover' the model.  Based on the level of camo the model has, this isn't always easy.  Models using active camo also get a surprise attack, allowing them to shoot at a target while 'cloaked'.  If they eliminate said target in one shot they don't have to fear that target using its ARO to shoot back.

With the ARO issue coming up seemingly every time we used it, I wrote down the instances with how we thought it was supposed to work.  I then shamelessly emailed them to Fire Broadside! care of Martin.  If you haven't been to Martin excellent blog, I suggest you do soon as you're done reading here of course.  Anyway, Martin has advised in the Infinity realm before and he came through with all of the clarity I knew we were lacking originally.  Next game will go a lot more smoothly thanks to him!

By the time game began to wind down, the Combined Army had made a rousing comeback.  Once they got their heavy hitter, the Charontid, into the fray the final stone had been cast.  This monster held his own in both ranged and mclose combat, and was heavily armored enough to shrug off many incoming hits as well.  It's also one of the more expensive models to field, points-wise anyway, so once we start policing our army lists more thoroughly he may not be making too many appearances.

All in all it was a good game.  The terrain was a little lacking but it did feel good to get some painted figs on the table and give them a proper go of it.  Infinity round two was a success, here's to the next one.  Until then, enjoy!


  1. I hate the new blogger interfase, its to white, Its impossible to use it during night without a light on you.
    Nice mininatures!

    Have you checked if the lists were balanced? because the Charontid is really powerful...
    Have a nice day !

    1. Thanks Bernohn! The force lists were definitely not balanced, I just statted up the starter boxes as they were which meant the Combined Army was dozens of points over the Pan-O list, at least.

      I did fail to mention what a nice feature the army list builder is on the main Infinity site, they really have a lot there to support the game.

    2. I am playing infinity since almost two years and two things are amazing about it: The game itself and the comunity around it.
      There are three programs to bouild your list. Aro, infinity creator and the devil Team program. All free to use.
      And the miniatures, are really nice...

    3. Thanks for the tip. And yeah, it was the minis that made me take notice in the first place.

    4. I switched to the new interface six months ago when it was in beta and although I was confused at first I've settled in now. For some reason I decided not to go with the built in image captions though. Hmm...

    5. Built-in image captions are so hot right now.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Martin's Infinity stuff is mighty impressive too. If I was gaming with a goup I'd be all over Infinity.

    1. He's a great Infinity resource, but pretty much anything he does on Fire Broadside! is awesome.

      Infinity definitely needs a group of like-minded and invested players. Unfortunately the rules don't scream "solo" either, but the ARO component is a step in that direction.

  3. Nice job Buddy ! Thanks for the quote ... I was trying to get it in the lines of Obi Wan describing Mos Eisley

    1. Heh, I'd say you were successful!

    2. I knew you would enjoy it

  4. This is looking better and better! Definitely seems like you are getting to grips with the rules(barring some easy to make mistakes). While the terrain may look a little odd for Neo-Tokyo the density of it is just about right, perhaps some more scatter terrain here and there to break up the fire lanes.

    The Charontid is a monster in every sense of the word, but is also priced thereafter. He's actually almost as expensive as my Gûija TAG!

    Thanks for the kind words about Fire Broadside. I do try to keep it interesting and it's nice knowing some people like it. :)

    I'm more than happy to answer rules queries, so keep 'em coming. Hehe!

    1. I guess you are all friends, have you taken a look at the infinity forum?
      It is the best places to discuss about the rules.


    2. I'm registered over there (Fire Broadside) but am mostly passive when I'm not updating my painting thread.

      But I agree, it's a great resource for any Infinity players. The community is very helpful! :)