Sunday, October 21, 2012

YOU Can Save the Snake Cult!

Yes, that's right, you! I'm calling out to my friends of the blog here, all 312 of you. You guys know my friend and gaming buddy, Chris "Biscuit" Miller, from a lot of his artwork here on the blog.  Recently, and after much persuasion on my part, he opted to do a weekly feature here; Monday Night Miller.

Well we've been somewhat taken with the game Super Dungeon Explore, and his last few posts have been around new hero and villain designs for said game.  Last week he debuted the concept of the Snake Cultists.  These cultists were his own creation dating back more than a year ago over at the Minions of the Monster Master blog.  But he also put out the call:

"the big plan is to let the Miksminis readers decide what that creature will be. It can be any power level from minion/denizen to big boss. I'll consider* any and all suggestions for character concept and abilities. Let the contest begin!"

So there you have it.  Mik's Minis readers, that's us!  Let's pitch in some cool ideas to really make this Snake Cult slither!  Here's the original post to leave comments and ideas at.  Rock on!


  1. I've always been partial to some sort of multi-headed snake demon. If not that then what about some sort of giant serpentine beast with multiple sets of arms that end in snake mouths.


  2. I think it would be fun to see some tongue-in-cheek references to the snake cult from Conan the Barbarian.

  3. Here's my shot:
    How about they have enough control of their biochemistry (Bene Gesserit) that they can use their venom to hurt or help, ala venom/anti-venom and the fact that snakes are often associated with medicine. You could even take it further and let them spit acid, etc.

    I have been listening and lurking quite a while. I signed up recently in order to be able to contribute, having gotten so much from Mik's Minis and Minions of the Monster Master. Thanks for great content here and there.

  4. How about incorporating the Naga the from Indian mythology as a "Boss" character.

  5. How about incorporating the Naga the from Indian mythology as a "Boss" character.