Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Rucht Hour: Warmachine Round Up!

So, we've been steadily playing games of Warmachine up here in the frozen north. Recently, with it catching fire in our gaming group, we've had an influx of new players. The result - lot's a brawls. Warmachine is meant to be played primarily as a one-on-one game, but you can easily make it into a game with three or more players. 

The key, as with any minis game, is to have a compelling reason to make players want to be in the middle of the board. Otherwise, the late-comer to the three-way or four-way brawl is the winner. In this game, it was a simple King of the Hill scenario. Put your Warcaster or Warlock on the stone partition in the middle of the field and you score a point on your second turn. 

In the game we played below, we had a three-way brawl. It was Circle of Oroboros, Trollbloods, and Cryx all in a knock-out, drag-out fight. There were more Hordes was on the table than Warmachine this time around, so right off - this was Mik's kind of game. 

Anyhow, this is really just an excuse for you guys to see what my buddy Nick has done with his minis. His Circle of Oroboros minis are simply exquisite and look even better when they are in play. 

Here's the setup. Points are scored if you can get your Warcaster or Warlock (your controlling piece) onto the stone pavilion. Over on the right is Rob's Trollkin faction, heavily proxies by D&D minis. As Rob is new to the hobby, we are being fairly forgiving with his proxies. 

Check out the Gorax! The halberdiers look good, too! Note how Nick's painted a green stripe on the base to indicate the model's facing. The stripe is put on with an air brush so that it has a nice gradient of color. 

Another shot. Check out the teleporting tree on the left. The nice basing of that model really adds a lot.

 A great perspective shot with a halberdier in the front while warfare wages on in the background behind him. 

All for now, guys! Catch you on the flipside. 


  1. Indeed some nice looking mini's I quite like the look of this game and the miniatures. But feel a bit daunted by all the mini's that are release. Plus really I'd need to be playing in a regular group to get the use of it.

  2. Wow, that new Gorax is sooooooo much better than the old. Great post Rucht, look for some WM/Hordes action in early 2013 in these parts.

  3. Brummie, *if* you want to get into Warmachine, then I recommend starting with a battle box and playing a few pick up games at the local game store. Start small. That's always my advice with this game because I would never tell someone to drop 100 dollars or more on a game that they may or may not like.

    Another option would be to just buy a Faction book and play online using Vassal. Again, start small. Just use a few figures on the battlefield to start with. Playing on Vassal might solve some of your problems with finding a regular group.

  4. He is the Gorax, he speaks for the Trees!