Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Proper Wargamer Query, Conclusion

Here is the second part (and conclusion) of the wargamer questionnaire I began a couple of days ago.  Thanks again to Ian over at the Blog With No Name.  Here you go, the conclusion, enjoy! 

Had a proper stand up argument over a wargames table?
I have had silly moments of pettiness (on both sides of the argument) from time to time.  There have been legitimate arguments and arguments out of sheer frustration but nothing too out of hand.  Certainly nothing "proper" to say the least!

Thrown a dice across the room?
Heh, yeah, I've done that.  I've banished dice from the table for a number of years.  I've hammered dice in front of other dice to serve as a lesson.  I've chucked them into a burning fireplace.  I am not kind to dice who are not kind in return.

Rebased an army for another set of rules?
I have never rebased an army in order to use for another game.  I've rebased figs for purely aesthetic reasons, or because I messed something up, but never for another game.

Inflicted a whopping defeat on an opponent?
I have, on occasion, absolutely destroyed my opponent at the games table.  But on the flipside I have equally been destroyed.  Really though, I fall into the 'laid back' gamer category and I do it as a way to hang out with my friends, so there's not a lot of 'whopping defeat' situations.  When it does happen it's still in good nature.

Suffered an embarrassing defeat due to stupid tactical decision?
The above question kind of covers this.  I'm never in a situation where a defeat may come off as 'embarrassing' in the first place.  But, as to the second half of the question, I have made countless upon countless blunders, errors, stupid tactical decisions, and more.  I've statted up armies wrong, I've completely forgotten very key and special rules, and the list goes on and on.

Joined a Wargames Club?
I haven't, not officially, and I don't head out into the public sphere too terribly often.  But what I do have to call upon are no less than 8-10 close friends who all share the love of the game(s).  In a sense we could be called a club.  We have our podcast, that's got to be a club substitute.

Bought a ton of lead that remains unpainted?
Yes.  Do I need to say more, really?  I have unpainted lead and plastics that are measured not by the number of minis but but by sheer weight.  I could open a store with the amount of stuff I still have in the package, let alone loose.  They say a gamer dies when they paint their last mini, this is my way of achieving immortality.

Been to a wargames show?
Yes, both tiny and immense, local and hundreds of miles away.  I'm somewhat of a shut-in when it comes to public gaming but all that goes out the window when it comes to a wargaming con.  There is so much great stuff going on inside those four walls it's too good to pass up.

Have more dice than logically required?
Yes, since I am fickle with my dice, and since I've already shown that I can be cruel to the little buggers (all justified I assure you), so it's necessary that I keep a lot on hand.  As with unpainted lead, the number of dice is measured by weight, not numbers, haha.

Well this was fun!  I always like these types of queries, gives one a little introspection into what we do and why we do it as gamers.  As usual, a little interaction goes a long way, so I'd be curious to know how you guys differ from me (or what similarities we share).  Until next time, enjoy!


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    1. Thanks, I enjoy doing these so much I should probably do my own some day...

  2. I thought about doing this query on my blog, but realised that I would be answering no to most of the questions (I'm very careful and rarely get worked up) which made it kind of boring. Haha!

    I enjoyed reading yours though.:)

    1. If there's any doubt, you're defnitely a 'proper' wargamer!

  3. I might not be a proper wargamer.