Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Night Miller 012 ~ SDE Mini Bosses

Hey Everybody! Monday Night Miller time! I've gotten a little bit behind in the art department recently but I figured I'd at least drop something by for the week. This week I offer the sketch I'll be working off of for the summonable creature I asked you, the Miksminis readers, to help me create in my last entry. I decided to meld multiple suggestions (from Jmezz, Spacejacker, & Eli) as they had a similar theme, a multi-headed swarm of snakes. The Hydra will be a summonable mini boss once the cultist has sapped enough blood from the heroes. Once I get the final image rendered I'll also reveal the other nasty surprises the Cultist and its pet Hydra have to offer. Oh and don't worry if I didn't pick your suggestion for this particular creature. I may be using them in future Super Dungeon Explore postings.


~ Enjoy!


  1. I love the heads being different sizes. The topmost one looks really tough too. Great work, Biscuit!

  2. That would be a fun mini to paint up!