Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hordes Anyone? Round Two

So for those who have been around for a while the title may sound familiar. Three and a half years ago I posted the exact same thing.

Qalpha said it best recently, we use blogs as a medium to measure "in the now" a hobby that actually takes years and years to cultivate, this Hordes venture is a perfect case in point.

So, as the fortunes and fates of gaming would have it, I have thrown in my lot with the one Hordes faction I never dabbled in but the one faction I always had an eye on; the Trollbloods.
The Trollbloods represent a loose alliance between a variety of formerly scattered and disparate tribal communities. They were forced to band together to survive in the face of humanity’s quickly escalating wars. Trollkin tribes, called kriels, have deep roots in western Immoren, where they have built homes in several wilderness regions the human nations had deemed of little interest. Trollkin are not strangers to human cities, as a number of these robust and hardy people work and live alongside mankind, but the majority remain in the wild, wary of humanity after a long history of frequent struggles, broken promises, and mutual bloodshed.
In a very weird trade gone awry I ended up with the horde of Trollbloods you see above for pretty much free. I was going to trade some Imperial Guard for them, but at the last minute the other party pulled out of their 40k itch. Graciously they still sent their end of the deal anyway. And there was a bag of homemade cookies in the box to boot! Who is such a stand up guy, Eli at I See Lead People of course. I'm going to send him something cool in return as it is, but I don't want to ruin the surprise here.

Anyway. We're playing Hordes/Warmachine again. We had a huge six-player intro-night last Wednesday, and everyone is on board.  It seems I can say it's official.  I'll have a "forces of" post soon with at least those who attended most recently. Those who didn't, well they have tons of stuff too so it's just a matter of learning the new rules and getting down to rolling on the tabletop.

My fledgling warband/collection so far:
  • Borka Kegslayer*
  • Grissel Bloodsong*
  • Madrak Ironside
  • x2 Troll Impalers
  • Troll Axer
  • Dire Troll Mauler
  • Pyre Troll
  • Krielstone Bearer and Scribes
I added the first two warlocks* to the mix via the Miniature Market, and must say their speed and service were incredibly fast with good prices to boot. There are some other items I'd like to add, and as I said over three years ago, I'm more of a form over function kind of guy.  I like to make my army choices based on how cool something looks not it's statline. Now since the first time I mused on this topic the Trollbloods have receiveda metric ton of new and characterful models, all very exciting stuff.  So keep your eyes peeled; mini-warbands coming up followed by a writeup of our big intro-night, and more.  Until then, enjoy!


  1. Awesome. Welcome back to the dark side. We'll have to try to get Rucht to organize an inter-city Warmahordes challenge once your group gets up and rolling. We've got about seven players here, mostly newbies too.

    I hadn't seen that post with your Legion stuff in it before. Those minis still get to hit the tabletop periodically, though some of them have turned blue:

    Now you face the classic trollblood infantry choice: Fennblades or Kriel Warriors. Thankfully there is no wrong answer. Fennblades are faster and more offensive, Kriels are more defensive. Also, I cannot recommend the Dire Troll Bomber strongly enough.

    Looking forward to seeing some paint on those trolls.

  2. Thanks Nick! Gotta say your blue versions of those old Legion minis look much better!

    As for troop choices, yeah, paralyzed by awesome choices, I just need to get games under my belt. The Fennblades might win out 'cause they look cooler, and I have had my eye on the Bomber (as well as Rok, Mulg, Champions, Bonehammer, the list goes on and on...)

    An inter-city invitational sounds like a lot of fun! We've got to ramp up first.