Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Police Chief Martin Brody

One might cry "foul" at the induction of lead characters from my personal favorite movies into the Thor's Day Heroes. Well, I don't think anyone would actually do that, but if they did I'd have to respond with a hearty "Neener-neener!"

I would put Jaws in my top five favorite movies of all time. I like a lot of things about the movie, chief (no pun intended!) of those however is the character Chief Brody. Tough New York City cop opts out and takes his family to island resort in New England. Handles small town affairs and misdemeanors until the mother of all great white sharks shows up and turns the small town into an all-you-can-eat buffet. Brody can't even swim, but he straps on his revolver and heads out to sea with an ├╝ber-nerd oceanographer and a grizzled sociopath in a boat much too small. The rest is history, and with that history we welcome Chief Brody into the Thor's Day Heroes.


  1. I have mixed feelings on Brody. Not his fault. But ever since I was a kid, I thought the scar he fingers and doesn't mention during the scar contest between Quint and Hooper was a gunshot wound. It explained why that guy was on that island. Got shot, almost died, wife made him move someplace "safe".

    Found out a couple of years ago that it was Scheider's appendix scar and never meant to be anything more. Totally ruins the movie for me. Cuz there is no reason for him to be there then.

    1. Whoa, your first interpretation is pure gold, that's now going into my brain's "official canon" for the movie. So what if it wasn't intended, they're always saying to make the games we play our own, why not the movies we love as well.

      Of course, with the two kids getting older it's no big stretch that he was wanting a different life for his family anyway. Not as cool as your original perspective, but not a total loss.

      I'm still sticking with the gunshot wound from now on however...